Jiving Jukebox Hire exists to bring people together


We are proud to offer the most up to date digital jukebox system in Perth. Our system is build for all ages and all events. The interactive touch screen display makes selecting your best tune a breeze and allows everyone to select their favourite dance track!


Here are Jiving Jukebox Hire, we love rocking up to a party and helping you bring people together. Any party can have a phone connected to a tinny mobile speaker but only the best parties will have a system that creates a destination and activity for your guests.

glenn jukebox owner


Glenn – More than a drop and run kind of guy

Mixing with people you don’t see very often and helping friends relax and unwind, is one of the highlights of any party. Having hosted his own parties, Glenn knows the pressures, stress and often uncertainty of hosting an event. What with the guest list, the food, the last minute cleaning demands from the girlfriend, music is often left to the last minute and you end up relying on last year’s half hearted iTunes playlist or a Spotify playlist that isn’t exactly what you thought it would be.

After experiencing the atmosphere a jukebox brought to his girlfriend’s birthday party, Glenn decided to hire one for his next big bash. He quickly identified that there was a general lack of information, confusion and uncertainty online when trying to sort out entertainment for a party.

If you’re looking to create an experience not just a “that’ll do” atmosphere – give Glenn a call and get your music sorted in minutes – that’s one thing off the to-do list!


We operate throughout Perth and our delivery is measured by kilometres from the CBD. You can find out whether your postcode is in the free zone on our delivery information page.


Don’t stress it – we drop off, set up, pack down and take away.

All you have to do is request a booking online and everything from there is designed to be as simple as possible.

Request a booking for your event.