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Newest and Most Advanced Digital Jukebox In Perth.

The features really do speak for themselves. The entire system is designed to deliver maximum impact while being easy and intuitive to use.

We know you won’t be able to find a jukebox in Perth that matches our jukebox for features.

Think of the jukebox as an “all in one” host. There’s no need to buy microphones for those important speeches, forget about hiring speakers and stands, don’t worry about spending hours collating your music playlists and did we mention the lights?




touch screen

21 Inch intuitive touch screen

Do away with cumbersome and awkward buttons and forget about trying to navigate your way through scroll navigation – let us introduce you to the latest in touch screen navigation. The smart screen display means anyone (even Grandpa) can choose the songs they want.

Find your jam by genre, decade, artist, title or be brave and jump into random play mode.

One thing is for sure, you won’t have to spend hours learning the system or teaching others at your party – everyone can, and will, get into it!

touch screen

2 Microphones

Every time you hire a jukebox from us, it comes with two microphones. That makes it perfect for your next Australian Idol as they sing(ish) their way to fame in front of your friends and family. Or maybe the AC/DC duet between Uncle Andy and Cousin Luke that nobody really wanted to happen but everyone was glad they saw in person

It’s also great for those important speeches at birthdays, engagements and weddings when the last thing you want is for the speaker system to be faulty or for no-one to hear those sentimental words from the bride’s father.

Whether it’s dad’s lame puns, or your best mate’s funny jokes about that time you had a boys trip in Melbourne, you will be pleased to know that the volume on the microphone is completely adjustable. Perfect for making sure you can be heard over the raucous of your friends and family, and ideal for those late nights (or early mornings) when a wannabe singer hits their stride.

song selection

Song Queue Feature

Enjoy the ability to waltz up to the Jukebox, select a series of your favourite songs and disappear back into the crowd. The queue feature means there will be no squabbling over what is played next and there’s always the secret delete list switch in case Uncle Jonathon gets carried away and lines up 20 songs. Let others decide on the playlist, and create an interactive experience for everyone to make it an enjoyable night for all!

blue jukebox

15 inch built in bass speaker

There simply is no point having the best selection of music with an easy play selection if the sound system doesn’t back it up. Forget the tinny noise of a small portable speaker, our 15 inch bass speaker is powered by a 200w RSM amp. No need for space hungry speaker towers or hunting down a good auxiliary cord to wire your phone through the TV, the jukebox is all in one and it’s there to be heard.

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blue jukebox display

Sound Triggered LED Light Show

There is something about lights that really enhances the atmosphere and brings the party feel to a location. Our dream for the jukebox is for it to become an experience at your event – the lights makes that happen.

With LED lights that react to the changes in the music, people are invited in to gathered around the jukebox as they sing, dance or just look super cool. We’d like to see your phone do this trick!

random music mode

Random Play Mode

Indecisive? Don’t recognise music by its name? Ready for an education in some of our hand picked greatest hits? Well the random play mode was designed for you.

You don’t have to custom make a playlist for your night – flick the switch and the Jukebox will pull songs by chance to add an extra fun element.

Random play will automatically kick in when the requests list is empty and you can also use it for the brave Karaoke singers ready for the next challenge.

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