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Party Planning Considerations

Wow – when planning this blog there are literally hundred of things to consider when planning a party. I guess that creates the first thing to consider:

Consider that there are lots of things to consider

Hopefully you’re not confused already and are still with me…

While it’s great to have loads of big ideas for your event, make sure that you understand that you’ll never tick off everything; it’s simply not possible. Focus your energy on those things that count and you’ll find that you and your guests end up in a much more pleasant environment.


How big do you want your event to be?

Get clear on how big you want your event to be and then plan for that. Don’t go into this half-heartedly. Work out exactly how much you are willing and can afford to spend, know how much time you have to dedicate to planning and making your party happen, and above all, stick to that! There’s no worse feeling than when you regret spending too much or, the reverse, and you realise that you should have forked out an extra $50.


Consider catering needs

Some people absolutely thrive from the idea of catering for everyone at an event. For some people this is their biggest nightmare. Whether you are a natural organizer with friends in the catering world or if even reading this has you hyperventilating, you must think how you want to go; self cater or hire a caterer? There are obvious pros and cons to both of these options and ultimately it’s a budget and personal decision. Don’t over-reach yourself and above all remember #2!



Don’t host an outdoor, black tie event in the peak of Perth’s summer. Not only will guests be incredibly uncomfortable baking in the sun, your event will be shorter and everyone will be itching to leave. Think about what you’re doing and when. A winter event can be great, but it changes the way you structure and plan your party. Maybe at a winter event you don’t need that slushy machine and instead you use that money to order in some heaters. In summer you definitely want a slushy machine and it’s a great idea to buy a multi pack of bottled water for your guests.



At every party I have been to, the top two things that people complain about are the food and then the music. I think that one of the main reasons for this is because food and music have such a variety of options, and personal choice is rampant. When it comes to music you don’t just want to play the music you like, it’s about your guests as well.

When it comes to music you certainly have many options. You can spend hours buying music and creating the perfect playlist, but again, you face that basic problem that the songs that YOU love, may be music that nobody else even knows (uneducated cretins!). Alternatively you could use one of the many music streaming channels available (Spotify, iTunes Music, Pandora) but once again (pesky ads aside) you will be forced to choose a set playlist and often when the music is streaming from your phone, it becomes an object that nobody else feels like they are able to interfere with. Hiring a band or DJ is a great option, and it brings an awesome atmosphere to any event; the only issue is the price – make sure you remember #2! Of all the parties we have been to, the most memorable have involved a jukebox (karaoke as well). It is a great way to provide your guests with an all rounded selection of popular music with a great sound system, to provide a more engaging, laid back environment.



Deciding on a location in itself has a load of considerations; parking, space, accessibility, timing, cost, toilets, bar, kitchen…you could keep going on and on!

From the perspective of a guest, I know that I just want to feel comfortable. Basic party needs like getting a refill, knowing where the toilets are, having options for seated and standing conversation, should be painless and easy. Think about some creative ways to direct your guests around the party space, whether it’s creating some signs for the toilet, buying some big tubs and ice for any BYO drinks, and when everyone starts to arrive, spend time with your guests; you didn’t just invite them to fill the space!


So that’s just a quick wrap up of 6 things I always consider when hosting a party. At the end of the day, parties are fun – don’t get wrapped up in the complexities of it all. Do what you can and keep it all in your control – easier said than done, I know!